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Sensory evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline that is used to measure and analyse people's responses to products as perceived through the 5 senses - sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. In food and beverage companies, sensory evaluation of products can provide an understanding of the key sensory properties that drive consumer acceptability. Integrating sensory evaluation into the manufacturing process can not only reduce the cost and time of delivering a product to market, but can also reduce the risk of potential product failure. 

Sensory evaluation techniques

Sensory Food Network Ireland has extensive experience, expertise and facilities available to support food and beverage companies in sensory evaluation. The sensory facilities in all partner institutions are designed to ISO standards. The network offers advice and support services on a range of sensory evaluation techniques:             

  • Descriptive tests e.g. what is the sensory profile of the product?
  • Discrimination tests e.g. are the products different / similar?
  • Affective tests e.g. is the product liked? Which is preferred?

Practical applications

Using our significant experience in sensory evaluation techniques, Sensory Food Network Ireland can support food and beverage companies across a range of practical applications:

  • Product development e.g. new products, changes in recipe / production process 
  • Quality control e.g. raw ingredients, products
  • Benchmarking e.g. comparing to the competition
  • Problem solving e.g. off-flavours, taints
  • Shelf life testing e.g. best before date

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